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Creative Calling

Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Find Success in Work + Life

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About the Book

The award-winning photographer and founder of CreativeLive shares how anyone—from a novice to a pro—can establish a creative practice and unleash that power for greater health, happiness, and positive impact on career, hobby, and life.

When Chase Jarvis turned his back on traditional careers to become a photographer, it was far from certain he’d make a living, let alone unlock a dream life that’s influenced millions of people around the world. Following his creative calling brought him happiness, health, and wealth—but it also awakened a passion to start CreativeLive, the world’s largest online learning platform for creators and entrepreneurs, where aspiring novices to established pros alike have consumed billions of minutes of video learning in pursuit of their dreams in career, hobby, and life.

In Creative Calling, Jarvis shows why creativity is the new mindfulness and as important to our health as meditation, exercise, and nutrition. It’s also available to everyone—beginners and lifelong creators, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Distilling his wisdom into the memorable “IDEA” system, Jarvis illustrates the critical elements for making creative expression the path to fulfillment.

  • Imagine the possibilities and clarify your intentions.
  • Design a daily practice and a life that supports expression and transformation.
  • Execute on your most ambitious plans and make your vision real.
  • Amplify your impact through engaging your community and building an audience.

We live in a time when disillusioned Millennials shun traditional jobs, mid-career professionals arrive at a turning point without knowing where to turn, and late-career professionals search for more meaningful pursuits. Each group faces unprecedented technological, economic, and environmental challenges. Thus, discovering our own creative calling has become the world’s most valuable—and urgent—task. And the good news, as Jarvis says, is that creativity isn’t a skill—it’s a habit. It’s a force inside every person that wants to be set free and—if harnessed and put to work—can transform our lives and bring vitality to everything we do.

About the Author

Chase Jarvis

Photo of Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a well known photographer and entrepreneur. As a photographic master, he is regularly cited as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade, having won numerous awards from Prix de la Photographie de Paris, The Addys, The Lions, Digiday, The Advertising Photographers of America, and The International Photography Awards among many others. He was a contributor to the Pulitzer-Prize winning New York Times story Snowfall and earned an Emmy nomination for Portrait of a City, his documentary of the legendary Seattle music scene and has created hundreds of campaigns and commercials for the likes of Nike, Apple, Samsung, Google, and Red Bull. Forbes called Chase “The Photographer Everyone Wants to Work With” and his social following of millions across the globe prompted Inc to nominate him as a “social media maven.”

As an entrepreneur, Chase has earned worldwide recognition as the Founder and CEO of two influential companies. His iPhone app Best Camera earned “App of the Year” accolades in 2009 from Wired, the New York Times, and Macworld. As the first app that allowed users to share images direct to social networks, Best Camera is widely credited with kicking off the multi-billion dollar, global photo-sharing craze. Chase’s second (and current) company CreativeLive is the world’s largest live-streaming education company featuring the top experts in photography, design, music and entrepreneurship. With millions of students worldwide and over 3 billion minutes of education consumed on the platform, CreativeLive has raised more than $50 million from Greylock Partners, Social Capital, REV Venture Partners, Jared Leto, Google Ventures, Richard Branson, Creative Artists Agency and GSV Acceleration.

Chase is the creator of 2 best-selling photography books: the world’s first book of iPhone photography The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You, and Seattle 100: Portrait of a City, a 3 year project photographing cultural leaders in Seattle. Since 2010 he’s hosted the YouTube series and podcast The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show with guests like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Jared Leto, Brené Brown and Macklemore. He is also a widely sought after interviewer and presenter, having been a keynote speaker on 5 continents and a guest at the White House, the United Nations, the Library of Congress, 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, and the DIFC in Dubai.

He lives with his wife, Kate, splits time between Seattle and San Francisco, and serves as a volunteer director for several non-profit boards.

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