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    Apr 2, 2019
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The Skills

From First Job to Dream Job—What Every Woman Needs to Know

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About the Book

In The Skills, award-winning broadcaster Mishal Husain inspires, champions, and encourages women to make their ambitions a reality by focusing on practical skills that make a difference.

Gathering together advice for women of all ages, whether they are new graduates, working mothers, or simply seeking a career change, The Skills explains how to

  • present yourself to maximum effect, in person and online;
  • prepare for quick wins and big moments, and plan for long-term goals;
  • gain confidence and authority;
  • navigate the ups and downs of a long working life; and
  • develop strategies for building resilience.

Drawing on Mishal’s experience, interviews, and experts and inspirational figures such as Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, The Skills will guide women in honing the abilities they need to thrive in whatever field they choose.

About the Author

Mishal Husain

Mishal Husain is one of the presenters of BBC Radio 4’s influential Today program and the television news on BBC One. Born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in the Middle East and was later educated at Cambridge University, where she studied law. She also has a master’s degree in law from the European University Institute in Florence.


“From speaking up to rising up, this book is full of practical advice for young women ready to realise their full potential.” —Malala Yousafzai, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

“This book is a must-read for anyone (woman or man) who aspires to reach the top of their game.” —Miriam González Durántez

“This is the new go-to handbook for every working woman.” Emerald Street (UK)

“With the confidence and authority of a woman who has both attained her dream job and loves it, she meditates on what it took for her – and other women – to work their way there. This is not a memoir; it’s more a feminist manifesto.” Daily Mail (UK)

“A compelling primer on how women can forge a path to success. The practicality and clarity of Husain’s advice offers a source of new strength for women in the daily battle to both fulfil their potential and get their due in the workplace.” —Tina Brown, founder of the Women in the World Summit and award-winning journalist

“A must-read.” —Christiane Amanpour

“An important book for anyone who wants to help women succeed.” —Booklist

“Girls are often raised to think ambition is a dirty word. Mishal debunks that myth and shows us that when women reach for their dreams, it can empower us all.” —Katty Kay, bestselling coauthor of The Confidence Code