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Executive Intelligence

What All Great Leaders Have

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The final word on what traits make for highly successful managers—and a detailed explanation of how to identify potential standout performers.

Executive Intelligence is about the substance behind great leadership. Inspired by the work of Peter Drucker and Jim Collins, Justin Menkes set out to isolate the qualities that make for the 'right' people. Drawing on his background in psychology and bolstered by interviews with accomplished CEOs, Menkes paints the portrait of the ideal executive.

In a sense, Menkes's work reveals an executive IQ—the cognitive skills necessary in order to excel in senior management positions. Star leaders readily differentiate primary priorities from secondary concerns; they identify flawed assumptions; they anticipate the different needs of various stakeholders and how they might conflict with one another; and they recognise the underlying agendas of individuals in complex exchanges.

Weaving together research, interviews and the results of his own proprietary testing, Menkes exposes one of the great fallacies of corporate life, that hiring and promotion are conducted on a systematic or scientific basis that allows the most accomplished to rise to their levels of optimal responsibility.

Finally, Menkes is a passionate advocate for finding and employing the most talented people, especially those who may have been held back by external assumptions.

About the Author

Justin Menkes

Justin Menkes is a managing director of the Executive Intelligence Group (EIG), a leading provider of executive assessment services to global corporations. EIG is an exclusive partner of Spencer Stuart, the world's preeminent executive search firm. Menkes created the Executive Intelligence Evaluation, used by businesses to identify, develop, and hire effective leaders. Menkes is internationally recognized for his expertise in managerial assessment and has written for the Harvard Business Review. He lives in Los Angeles.


“Executive Intelligence’ is a breakthrough.” —Noel M. Tichy, Professor, The Ross School, University of Michigan and author of Cycle of Leadership

“Menkes offers a stimulating analysis of an important topic.” —BusinessWeek

“This will transform the way companies hire, promote and evaluate senior-level employees. It is nothing less than a revolution.” —James M. Citrin, board director and practice leader, Spencer Stuart, and coauthor of the national bestsellers The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers and You’re in Charge, Now What

Menkes does a great job of dissecting executive intelligence -- the ability to analyze and solve problems in a business environment.” —James M. Kilts, Chairman, President & CEO, The Gillette Company

“Executive Intelligence offers real insights into what differentiates the great leaders from the pack.” —Kevin Sharer: Chairman, President & CEO of Amgen, Inc

“Justin Menkes has provided a useful guide for helping to identify the people you want to bet your company on.” —Ed Breen, Chairman & CEO, Tyco International Ltd.