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Launch It!

How to Turn Good Ideas Into Great Products That Sell

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The easy–to–read bible for developing, financing, marketing, and selling consumer products––from gadgets to kitsch, from high–touch to high–end––for America's rising entrepreneurial nation.

Launch It! is written by a team of trend and product consultants with over 60 years of collective experience advising thousands of entrepeneurs, designers, and companies. As they realized not one trade book was available on the market that would provide soup–to–nuts guidance for any firm or entrepreneur seeking to turn inventions and cool ideas into great products that sell, they decided to write that book themselves. Unlike any other book, Launch It! provides the reader with the step–by–step game plan that anyone can follow to evaluate their idea, raise capital, save time, stay on top of emerging and important trends, and make money.

About the Authors

Molly Miller-Davidson

Molly Miller-Davidson is a multi-cultural and trend specialist who is a consultant to numerous manufacturers and companies.

JoAnne Stone-Geier

JoAnne Stone-Geier is a public speaker, writer, and consultant for the gift, home furnishing, and food industries.

Michael B. Levinson

Michael B. Levinson is an artist, interior designer, and furniture designer whose clients include America's most notable retailers, developers, and individuals.


“A thorough and valuable overview that will help educate anyone involved in consumer goods marketing in America.” —Jeff Little, President, George Little Management, America's largest trade show producer

“Practical, insightful, and loaded with easy to use information.” —Michael D. Dean, President, Western Exhibitors, LLC