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Nation of Rebels

Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture

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In this wide-ranging and perceptive work of cultural criticism, Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter shatter the most important myth that dominates much of radical political, economic, and cultural thinking. The idea of a counterculture—a world outside of the consumer-dominated world that encompasses us—pervades everything from the antiglobalization movement to feminism and environmentalism. And the idea that mocking or simply hoping the "system" will collapse, the authors argue, is not only counterproductive but has helped to create the very consumer society radicals oppose.

In a lively blend of pop culture, history, and philosophical analysis, Heath and Potter offer a startlingly clear picture of what a concern for social justice might look like without the confusion of the counterculture obsession with being different.

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“Nation of Rebels provides an incisive and witty indictment of consumer trends....” —BusinessWeek

“An intriguing examination of personal freedom within the inevitabilities of a market economy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This book not only thought-provoking, but a lively, spirited and entertaining read.” —Winnipeg Free Press