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Meet the Author: Bradley Schurman

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Bradley Schurman is a demographic futurist and opinion maker on all things dealing with the business of longevity. He’s the founder of The Super Age, a global strategic advisory firm. Bradley is a social connector who has built his reputation by helping leading organizations harness the opportunities of our increasingly older and generationally diverse world. He explains how shifting demographics and the collision of the megatrends of decreased birthrates and increased longevity are remaking social and economic norms in the United States and around the world.

Books by Bradley Schurman

The Super Age

Decoding Our Demographic Destiny

Book cover image: The Super Age: Decoding Our Demographic Destiny

Demographic and aging expert Bradley Schurman describes the Super Age, the time when there will be more people older than sixty-five than younger, what that means for our collective future.  More »