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Meet the Author: Warren Valdmanis

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Warren Valdmanis leads a social impact firm that invests in the American workforce. He was previously a managing director with Bain Capital’s social impact fund, and before that invested with Bain Capital’s private equity team for over a decade. He grew up in Canada and has lived and worked in Australia, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. Warren studied economics at Dartmouth College and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives with his wife, Kristin, and four children in Portland, Maine.

Books by Warren Valdmanis


The Rise of Citizen Capitalism

Book cover image: Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism

Corporate social responsibility, divestment, impact investing, and government intervention won’t fix capitalism. Michael O'Leary and Warren Valdmanis examine how we can change the way corporations work to make the world a better place.  More »