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Michael Schuman has been a business journalist in Asia for more than ten years. He is currently the Asia business correspondent for Time and covers economic issues for the entire continent. He also spent more than six years as a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in South Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia. He won an Overseas Press Club Award with other Wall Street Journal reporters for the newspaper's coverage of the 1997 Asian economic crisis. Prior to his experience in Asia, Mr. Schuman was a staff writer at Forbes. He lives in Hong Kong.

Books by Michael Schuman

The Miracle

The Epic Story of Asia's Quest for Wealth

Book cover image: The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia's Quest for Wealth

“If you are interested in how Asia became an economic tiger, read The Miracle.” —New York Times An international bestseller, The Miracle by business journalist Michael Schuman offers a fascinating exploration of the most meaningful and far-reaching global event since World War II: the economic ascent of the Asian continent. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer calls The Miracle, “An amazing story and it’s all true,” while the New York Times…  More »