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    May 8, 2007
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Alpha Dogs

How Your Small Business Can Become a Leader of the Pack

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About the Book

Outsmart your competitors, leap to the head of the pack, and become an alpha dog!

How does an average company distinguish itself in the marketplace, generate higher sales than its competitors, and earn the lasting loyalty of customers and employees?

Alpha Dogs tells the inspiring stories of savvy entrepreneurs who discovered the perfect formula and rose to the top. In her personal and probing style, Donna Fenn, a twenty-year veteran of Inc. magazine, introduces eight men and women who share their hard-earned insights and practical tips—from Chris Zane, whose retail bike shop has perfected the art of customer service, to Deb Weidenhamer, who transformed a sleepy auction house with her innovative use of technology. Alpha Dogs is a practical guidebook for every current and aspiring self-starter who wants to stand out and succeed.

About the Author

Donna Fenn

Donna Fenn is a long-time contributing editor at Inc. magazine and a small business evangelist. She lives in Pelham, New York.


“This book is going to be the next Good to Great. It’s that important.” —Pat Williams, author of Coaching Your Kids to Be Leaders

“Read it! These stories will inspire and instruct any entrepreneur who wants to build a truly distinctive and durable business.” —John Case, author, Open-Book Management