Meet the Author: Warren G. Bennis

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Warren G. Bennis is university professor and founding chairman of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California. He is also chairman of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Harvard Business School. He has written more than twenty-five books on leadership, change, and creative collaboration including Leaders, which was recently designated by the Financial Times as one of the top 50 business books of all time. His most recent book is Geeks & Geezers.

Books by Warren G. Bennis


Strategies for Taking Charge

Book cover image: Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge

In this illuminating study of corporate America's most critical issue—leadership—world-renowned leadership guru Warren Bennis and his co-author Burt Nanus reveal the four key principles every manager should know: Attention Through Vision, Meaning Through Communication, Trust Through Positioning, and The Deployment of Self.In this age of "process", with downsizing and restructuring affecting many workplaces, companies have fallen trap…  More »

Reinventing Leadership

Strategies to Empower the Organization

Book cover image: Reinventing Leadership: Strategies to Empower the Organization

Leadership for the 21st CenturyThe demands of today's workplace call for stronger and more inspiring leadership in order to motivate employees and to achieve the quality results for which successful organizations constantly strive.In Reinventing Leadership, Warren G. Bennis and Robert Townsend show leaders how to empower their organizations and bring the best out of each employee.Inside you will find useful leadership strategies that…  More »